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Kenya bets on steam power to drive industrial growth

Published on September 07, 2015

The plan to create a special economic zone in Menengai, Nakuru, has started taking shape with the launch of projects that use direct heat from steam wells to power their operations.

The projects, which include milk and milk processing plants, a horticultural greenhouse, a laundry and a fish pond, will be powered by heat tapped and channeled through pipes from steam wells. Steam power also works well for apparel manufacturers.

The special economic zone plan aims to power industries at one-third of their energy costs. Plants located in the special economic zone will also benefit from water drawn from the wells. Kenya is ranked the world’s eighth-largest producer of geothermal energy and the first in Africa.

The government is betting on the lower operational costs and expected industrial agglomeration to attract investments, largely Greenfield, where firms break ground to set up new plant. Read more. Source | Business Daily