Kenya AGOA Exporter Directory

Jay Empire Enterprises


Jay Empire Enterprises was founded in 2009. We are dedicated to producing high quality denim bags for all purposes to meet our customers needs. We seek to define style and fashion through bags, affording our clients freedom through style and elegance with our vast range of designs.



House of Eleleck Limited

Eleleck was founded in 2015 and produces luxury-handcrafted goods in Kenya through supporting local artisans.  The main products in our range are leather and recycled brass jewellery. The leather is locally sourced from the leading tanneries in Kenya. We believe in ethical and sustainable production and this means we pay our artisans’ competitive wages and use up-cycled brass to lessen our environmental footprint. Eleleck is all about contemporary, elegant and functional designs that best showcase the beautiful world of Africa.

Find out more about Eleleck in this video : 


Facebook: Eleleck

Instagram: @eleleck

Clay Ventures Limited

Clay Ventures or CL, as it is now fondly known, opened its doors in 2014. Conceived by a couple of interior décor designers and furniture makers, CL sought to fill a rise in demand for African contemporary handcrafted products among the middle class populations in developed and developing economies. CL began by looking at few traditional Kenyan pottery, weaving and curved art ranging from baskets, pots, flower vases, utensils, abstract carvings from wood and soapstone from across Kenya sourcing from different cultures. CL has been keen in developing an export market for its craftspeople by travelling to different parts of the world showcasing the beauty of African pottery and carving among other arts Africa has to offer to the modern world. CL has now expanded in many other products that one would need for their homes and offices made from clay, soapstone, wood, glass, leather and fabric. One of our goals at CL today is to encourage and educate young people to support Kenyan arts and crafts. 



Mohazo is a trendy African lifestyle collection with a focus on home decor gift packages and personal accessories. Mohazo ex-impo Ltd started operations over 29 years ago by sourcing high quality range of handicrafts from across East Africa and supplying predominantly to re-known chain stores in USA and other parts of the world. Following the change in world market trends, Mohazo has diversified and re-established itself as a trendy African lifestyle designer label that aims to deliver a refreshing and vibrant African spirit. Mohazo now designs and produces a diverse range of products that include lifestyle and home ware items under different categories; Kitchen & Dining, Living, Bath, Garden, Sleep, Office & Personal Accessories. Items have been styled and fashioned to suit modern world trends. The label creatively captures innovation and style that is unique and practical, not just decoration.


Facebook : Mohazo Kenya

Khangadelic Enterprises


Khangadelic Enterprises is a fashion-forward, Kenyan-based clothing organization that creates contemporary Kenyan wear. It was founded in 2015 and is based in Mombasa, producing quality Khanga clothing items and fashion accessories such as Hats, Bags, Polo Shirts, and Infinity Scarves among others for all.

Our vision is casual, fashionable Kenyan wear manufactured locally to make the fit so comfortable that you’ll never want to wear anything else.The company aims to provide the best in elegance, customer service and promoting eco-friendly fashion to the mainstream.

Website :

Facebook : Khangadelic

Instagram: @khangadelic_ke


Vivo Activewear


Vivo Activewear was founded by Wandia Gichuru. It's attire is suited to the needs of someone with a healthy lifestyle, and most designs are made from stretch fabric like lycra and jersey which contour to the shape of the body.

This company is dedicated to providing beautiful casual clothing with a twist, that not only looks and feels good, but is high quality and affordable. 


Facebook page : Vivo Activewear

Twitter handle : @VivoActivewear

Abimbola Creations

Grace Macharia Director Abimbola Creations.

Abimbola Creations is a limited company registered and incorporated in Kenya. The company was founded in 2013. It delivers a wide range of household products and services, including hand woven table mats, floor carpets, high quality bedside rags, 100% cotton fabrics and tailor made curtains. Abimbola creates products that are hand woven from 100% cotton and pure wool from the highlands of Kenya. They focus on producing woven products based on African intricate concepts, designs and technologies. The products are predominantly handmade, with a strong traditional touch that reflects the African spirit and tastes.


Facebook page: Abimbola Creations

Twitter handle: @AbimbolaKe


Felly Oyuga Owiro Founder ADUA.

ADUA is a handbag, shoe and accessory line made from African Fabric (tie & dye, kitenge, canvas) and African leather. Started this year, 2015, ADUA seeks to provide the latest trends using locally available materials. African made accessories have traditionally been worn during special occasions while the “modern” versions have been used for official / formal functions. Our goal is for the modern man/woman to be able to wear our products every day.

 Twitter handle: @nyarowiro

Akinyi Odongo Kenya

Catherine Jadeya from Akinyi Odongo Kenya.

Akinyi Odongo Kenya is an authentic high end rejuvenating and invigorating African fashion line by Mefa Creations, cutting across the local, regional and international apparel industry. We are known for our perfect cuts with refined details and fabrics that are of high quality yet sustainable for everyday use, a touch of rich African culture that creates the distinction.


Facebook page: Akinyi Odongo KENYA

Twitter handle: @AkinyiOdongoKE


Apprelle Duany Director APRELLEDUANY

APRELLEDUANY is a Kenya-based, emerging luxury lifestyle brand offering high quality investment pieces based on innovation, sustainability, and functionality.  While creating luxury products for the global market, we aim to expand the image of luxury and challenge the current perceptions of Africa.  Our debut collection, The New Neutrals, honors trailblazers and pioneers such as Maya Angelou and Wangari Maathai, who created new pathways amidst difficulty to forge a new reality for those who follow                                                                                                    


Facebook page: Aprelle Duany

Twitter handle: @AprelleDuany