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Katchy Kollections

Published on November 20, 2015

AGOA151.JPGJennifer Muli Director Katchy Kollections.

Katchy Kollections limited is an innovative social enterprise dedicated to empowering women and whole communities to rise above poverty through employment creation, thereby fighting and restoring hope among Kenya’s less privileged.

 The company’s brand name is “JIAMINI” – a Swahili word for “Believe in Your Own Self” which forms the basis of our core values and guiding principles are; creativity, integrity, professionalism and customer focus. Working with a vision of “Art with a passion for self-expression and identity inspired by African pride and design” and the mission “To provide lasting moments of personal confidence, pride and joy and self-worth augmented by our exclusive accessories,” we see our creations as works of art inspired by African rich cultures, bold prints and colors.

Facebook page: Katchy Kollections