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Kadaga to market Karamoja in USA

Published on August 08, 2016

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has advised the Karimojong to get organised and start producing beads and other cultural jewellery in bulk to be exported to the United States of America.

While opening the annual national cultural exhibition on Sunday at the Uganda Museum in Kampala, Ms Kadaga who represented the President, said the Karimojong are gifted with the talent of making beads and jewels that summarise Uganda’s cultural heritage. This, she said, Ugandans should be proud of because Kenyans are doing it, so are Nigerians and other African countries.

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga said,

I am going to promote and sell the Kaiamojong beads to the AGOA market but the problem may be the quantities. The problem we have as Ugandans is that we never treasure our cultures. We are not proud of our country and even when we are singing the national anthem, we do not seem to be proud of it.

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