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Is Moringa product eligible in AGOA?

Published on September 05, 2016

Hi. I want to export Moringa leaf powder from Ethiopia to USA.

  1. Is Moringa product eligible in AGOA? if not,
  2. I need to know rate of duty/tax and seals tax rate and basic requirement.


Yes, Moringa leaf powder is eligible for duty free treatment under AGOA. However it is not listed as Moringa leaf powder on the product eligibility list and so may be difficult to pick out. It is exported with the subheading 2106.10.00 in the HTS US classification derived from HS code 2106 that describes food preparations nesoi, and described as protein concentrated and textured protein substances. Detailed information is available at

The word nesoi used in the HS code above is short for Not Elsewhere Specified or Indicated, and is used in categorizing items by the Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Statistical Database, as well as Harmonized Tariff Schedule for the United States.