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Join our Facebook group for AGOA exporters!

Published on April 07, 2016

Do you want to take advantage of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and start exporting to the largest consumer market in the world, the U.S.? Join our Eastern Africa AGOA Exporters Facebook group. The Facebook group will give you better access to technical advise from the Hub on AGOA and trade-related queries, and it will provide a forum to exchange ideas and tips with one another. Facebook group pages are searchable, providing you with easy access to past tips and advice threads. Join SMEs from across East Africa, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Mauritius to learn from one another and find out more about:

  • AGOA benefits
  • Product eligibility
  • Market linkages
  • Export procedures,
  • Customs requirements
  • the U.S. market

(It's a closed group - meaning the Hub approves people for access. Members of the group will not have access to your non-public personal pages.)

The Facebook group augments our Ask an AGOA Expert page on our website. The Hub also has an SMS Hotline dedicated to answering your AGOA-related questions. Simply SMS +254-780-200550 with your query.