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IMF Calls for Strong and Sound Policy Measures to Restart Sub-Saharan Africa’s Growth Engine

Published on May 11, 2017

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) today urged sub-Saharan African countries to implement strong and urgent policy action to boost growth in the region. According to its latest Regional Economic Outlook, Restarting the Growth Engine, growth in sub-Saharan Africa as a whole fell to 1.4 percent in 2016—its lowest level in two decades—and is projected to record a modest recovery of 2.6 percent in 2017, although a number of countries, especially in Eastern and Western Africa, continue to grow robustly.

“The overall weak outlook partly reflects insufficient policy adjustment,” said Abebe Aemro Selassie, Director of the IMF’s African Department. “The delay in implementing much-needed adjustment policies is creating uncertainty, holding back investment, and risks generating even deeper difficulties in the future. Read more. Source | International Monetary Fund