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Hub Partner FEAFFA Publishes Latest Magazine

Published on July 13, 2017

Mombasa Port is busy and expected to get busier. The first two months of 2017 has put it on track to process even more transshipment business this year, exceeding last year’s levels by 87 percent . Read more about the busy Mombasa Port and other freight forwarding news in the Federation of East African Freight Forwarders Association’s (FEAFFA) just published quarterly magazine here.

The Hub partners with FEAFFA to improve the customs clearing and freight forwarding industry’s compliance with the East African Community’s (EAC) revised Rules of Origin. Rules of Origin are a set of laws and regulations to determine country of origin and tariff preferences. Adherence to a set of transparent Rules of Origin is a crucial component to reducing the cost and time to move cargo across borders.

The Hub is specifically supporting FEAFFA to disseminate accurate information through a booklet that highlights the key changes on the revised EAC Rules of Origin, and serves as a quick reference for clearing and forwarding agents and shippers.

FEAFFA is a regional private sector apex body of the Customs Clearing and Freight Forwarding (CFA) industry in East Africa. Established in 2006, it is registered and domiciled in Tanzania with its Secretariat located in Nairobi, Kenya. Members of the Federation are national umbrella CFA industry associations in Burundi, Kenya, mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar, Rwanda and Uganda, which together represent over 2,500 firms.

FEAFFA is working toward the implementation of an efficient, professional and competitive regional freight logistics industry. The federation has developed and implemented a premier regional professional training course for the CFA industry (EACFFPC) in which nearly 6,000 agents have qualified, a regional industry Code of Conduct and Standard Trading Conditions, an electronic trade information portal, a mobile application on tariffs and a database of certified industry professionals. It also publishes a quarterly magazine (freight logistics) with a vibrant online version.