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Hub holds private public dialogue in Kigali, Rwanda

Published on February 01, 2016

On January 29, the Rwanda Private Sector Federation (PSFR) and the Hub jointly held a public-private dialogue (PPD) on the implementation of the East African Community (EAC) Common Market Protocol. The dialogue attracted nearly 80 participants, a majority of whom were CEOs and business owners from various sectors, such as financial services, agribusiness, telecommunications, manufacturers and professionals, including accountants, engineers and architects. Government officials with responsibilities affecting implementation of the common market also attended, as well as representatives from the donor community.


Business owners called for further reforms to help them employ talent across the EAC. They cited the requirement for residency permits in addition to work permits as overly burdensome.

Exporters of agricultural produce noted the lack of a regional framework for application of SPS measures in the EAC region. (The SPS Protocol is yet to be ratified all by Partner States, and several EAC Partner States do not have sufficient capacity to implement the WTO SPS agreements).

This is the fourth in a series of dialogues that the Hub has facilitated across the region. Previous events have been held in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The dialogues provide targeted engagement with the private and public sectors, across the region, to spur reforms that will enhance regional trade and investment in line with the four freedoms spelled out in the East African Community Common Market Protocol: free movement of capital, labor, goods and services.



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