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Hub facilitates SUNO buyer’s mission to East Africa

Published on March 23, 2016


It has been a very comprehensive and successful trip to East Africa hosted by The East Africa Trade and Investment Hub.   The companies and makers that have been developed and selected in Kenya and Ethiopia are an excellent match for SUNO in their continued vision to develop product in Africa.   

Every company that received an introduction was carefully curated and has the potential to be an appropriate, reliable and sustainable partner. Many thanks for hosting us and facilitating the arrangements and potential partnerships seamlessly. It will be exciting to see what will transpire next for SUNO in Africa, said Andree DeLair, SUNO Design.

The Hub just finished facilitating a buyer’s mission to Kenya and Ethiopia with New York-based, high fashion retail line SUNO. The Hub introduced SUNO's three representatives to local fashion accessory vendors and fashion apparel manufacturers. The Hub’s U.S.-based home décor and accessories consultant selected the vendors, in consultation with the Nairobi-based Hub Trade Promotion and AGOA Team, founded on vendor aptitude and awareness of the SUNO line. The Hub expects the mission to result in SUNO sourcing more items from Kenya and Ethiopia and increased exports of fashion goods to the USA under AGOA.