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How smallholder farmers are using technology to fix market, credit woes

Published on February 02, 2017

Pius Mitei, a small-scale farmer in Rift Valley, tried his hand at agribusiness in 2015 for the first time. He bought 200 chickens, but lack of quality inputs and limited knowledge of the poultry business saw him record losses.

Short of new capital to inject into the venture, he abandoned it and took up an informal job in the transport industry.Then mid last year he came across FarmDrive, a local IT firm driving the financial inclusion agenda for farmers.

He sat through a training session conducted by the firm at Kampi ya Moto and got to learn how to access credit to start off his poultry venture afresh. After signing up with FarmDrive, Mitei got his first loan the same month, enabling him to buy new stock and feeds. Read more. Source | Daily Nation