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How can I get contacts in the USA?

Published on September 05, 2016

How can I get contact from USA who will be interested in buying my products?


The Hub is pleased to share with you the following information on how to find buyers for your products in the U.S. under AGOA.

Kindly visit this link  where you will have the opportunity to view the U.S. business directory for investors under AGOA. You can also visit this link where you will be able to find information on buyers and sellers per sector in the U.S. Depending on the type of products you are dealing in, you will then be in a position to choose the relevant buyers that you will need to interact with since there contacts are provided within the links.

This is an additional link that gives you an opportunity to visit the US – Africa Business Center where you are also provided with information on how to find buyers and sellers per country and by sector,