How can I export Ugandan Organic Food to the U.S. Under AGOA?

I am a Uganda American based in Boston Massachusetts, and I wish to export Ugandan Foods which are Chemical Free i.e. Organic: These include : Cattle or Beef, Goats, Chicken and Fresh Vegetables. We also wish to export Dry Cocoa Beans, Bee Honey, Mangoes, Dry eye-chilli etc. Please advise on how one can do this and help the youth who are not employed, and the poor. 


Cattle or Beef, Goats, Chicken

Live animals can be exported to the USA duty free but the country must have bio safety protocol that meets the USDA requirements.  You can apply for the approval to import through this link. The USDA AMPHIS team will then advise if Uganda as a country has the required SPS system that meets the U.S. LIVE Animals imports to USA.

It is however, it may not be a good idea to export live animals to the U.S., the process is tedious and the logistics may be tough. Australia and South American countries are the leading exporters of live animals and beef to U.S.  

Fresh Vegetables and Mangoes

Most fresh vegetables can be exported to the U.S. duty free under AGOA or GSP. However, as in the case of meat and live animals, the country of origin must put in place pesticide residue analysis procedures that meets the United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) requirements. Currently only vegetables listed below can be exported to the U.S. from Uganda:

Aloe Vera (above ground parts),Bat nut or devil pod (Trapa bicornis), Cannonball fruit, Chinese water chestnut, Coconut: Corn smut galls,Cyperus corm Edible flowers, (inflorescences only), Garlic cloves, peeled ginger root, Lily bulb (Lilium spp.),Maguey leaf, Matsutake, Mushroom, Palm heart, peeled peanut, Pomegranate arils, St. John’s Bread Singhara nut (Trapa bispinosa), Tamarind, Truffle, and  Water-chestnut (Trapa natans)

Explore exporting of dried fruits especially organic ones. There are Small and Medium Enterprises that are already exporting to U.S. in small quantities, but they may need capital injection to expand.

Dry Cocoa Beans and Dry Africa Bird eye-chilli

These two products are eligible for duty free entry into the U.S.

Bee Honey

Honey is also eligible but the U.S. market prefers light colored honey and receives a lot from California and South America. However, specialty honey such as organic, mono floral or those whose production have a social impact may have a market niche.

For more information on products eligibility you can check the links below; - AGOA only products - AGOA plus GSP eligible product.



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