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How can African governments trigger a green revolution?

Published on September 12, 2018

Last week, a number of African leaders were meeting in Kigali, for the Africa Green Revolution Forumb (AGRF) and to discuss how to use agriculture as a way to transform African economies faster. This year the big question was: Will this forum be different from others or will it turn out to be just another talk show?

Yet there is always a frisson of excitement when leaders meet; a sense of opportunity hangs in the air that makes us want to believe that this could be the start of real change. Agricultural transformation by definition is all about change, but whether it is going to happen, particularly in Africa, rests in the hands of leaders who must paint the vision, and then make that vision reality. It is vital that agriculture is seen as an instrument to help leaders achieve their political ambitions and to drive economic goals. If not, agricultural-led economic transformation will remain a pipedream. Read more. Source | New Times