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Grace Akumu

Published on June 06, 2017

Grace_Akumu.jpgGrace Akumu had the most outstanding innovation emerging winner of the East Africa Postharvest Competition 2017

Technology : Bench-Type Manual Maize Sheller

This is a manual maize sheller made up of a serrated mouth/cylinder into which a single maize ear is fed at a time. It consists of a handle that allows rotation of the serrated mouth and an attached bench onto which the operator sits. With manual rotation of the cylinder by use of a handle, the grains are detached from the cob at a rate of 50-200kg per hour. The Sheller has an operational capacity of 50-200kg per hour. The technology is crucial in reducing the time and energy used during shelling which saves time and energy as well as reducing revenue lost through quantitative and qualitative losses after postharvest.

Impact : Since 2015, the bench-type maize sheller technology has been field tested with 300 smallholder farmers in Kamuli, Apac and Nakasongola districts of Uganda. The technology has a high output per hour (50-200kg) and requires less energy to operate which reduces on the labor requirements. The grains are collected on a clean tarpaulin on which the sheller is placed to prevent losses.