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Geoffrey Munyegera

Published on June 06, 2017

Munyegera_Geoffrey.jpgGeoffrey Munyegera was among the top 25 innovators in the East Africa Postharvest Technology Competition 2017.

Technology : Mobile Maize Shelling Machine

The Mobile Maize Shelling Machine is an engine-driven tri-cycle mobile maize shelling machine. A 16HP diesel combustion engine is used to propel the machine and run the maize shelling mechanism through a system of pulleys and gears. The technology addresses poor maize shelling techniques and inability to access better maize shelling services after harvest.

Impact : In 2012 to 2013, an agricultural NGO in Uganda – Sasakawa Global 2000 – took several prototypes of the machine for testing and data collection for over 1 year in 10 districts. The data collected indicated a capacity output of 3,200kg of shelled maize per hour, shelling efficiency of 98.8% with less than 1.3% grain breakage, 94% clean rate, as well as negligible shelling losses of 1.53%. (Spillage and breakage). In that year, each machine was tested on 1,280 to 1,545 tons of shelled maize and data was recorded during each testing interval. Each testing interval would last between 1 and 2 hours of uninterrupted shelling. Another NGO – USAID CPM program –before buying mobile shellers for their farmer groups first tested the machines and got similar results.

246 mobile maize shelling machines have been bought by individuals, farmers’ groups and organizations since 2012. 638 youths are directly employed. In addition, it’s estimated that around 950 youths are occasionally engaged in casual work of loading maize-on-cob into the machine hoppers during the shelling, thereby earning some kind of wage by the end of the day. Furthermore, Munyengera Agro-machinery has trained and now employs 22 youths to fabricate and assemble the mobile maize shellers and other new innovations (tractors and pedal shellers) at Munyengera Agro Machinery Limited.