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Future of Kenya's economy hangs on exports expansion

Published on April 30, 2015

Kenya has never really been a serious exporting country. Our complacency with vulnerable sectors such as agriculture and tourism has severally been laid bare by nature through acts of weather and more recently by terrorists.

The over dependence on agricultural exports – over 50 per cent of total goods exported, when we know all too well that the sector is prone to weather and international prices is very telling. Yet the country has huge potential to expand her export base.

For starters, we could go for low lying fruits by penetrating ready markets in the region. There are striking similarities in the consumption habits of East Africans, why then do we export so little to the region when most of what is produced locally has appeal in the region?

While about 46 per cent of our exports go to Africa a cursory look at our major markets in Africa reveal that what they buy from us is a negligible fraction of their imports of the same products from the rest of the world. In other words with the right strategies more could be sold to the same markets. Read more. Source | Business Daily