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Fashion and textile have grown entire economies, so what holds Kenya back?

Published on March 16, 2015

The Fashion and Textile sector could benefit from deliberate policy interventions, comprehensive market research, building brands for manufacturers to retailers, using technology to revolutionize the entire value chain with heightened hype, developing a sector-wide think tank to provide support, and the creation of unique value propositions specific to the African market.

In as much as we seek support from the government, we must get down to work and do our bit as well. The American Growth Opportunities Act (AGOA), for instance, remains unexploited. 

Its objectives of facilitating trade between the United States and the African continent as a vehicle to alleviate poverty, increase economic progress and create stronger markets in Africa are unmet. It also aimed to reform old economies by creating new incentives for good governance, sustained business enterprises and investment and job creation, but this too is a distant cry from what AGOA envisaged. Read more . Source | Daily Nation