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Export artificial hand-tied fishing flies to the U.S.

Published on September 05, 2016

I used to make and export artificial hand-tied fishing flies to the U.S. some years ago.

  1. I want to know if this is a product under AGOA at the moment.
  2. I also want to know what the U.S. Fisheries & Wildlife Department regulations are regarding this product i.e.what documentation would I need to provide with each consignment? I'm thinking of re-starting this business and want to know what the environment is at the moment.


Yes.  Hand tied fishing flies are exported to the U.S. under AGOA classified with the subheading 9507.90.70 in the HTS U.S. classification, and described as artificial baits and flies. Detailed information is available .

More information on products eligibility under AGOA and GSP duty free, are available at

Please follow this link for information on  exporting to the United States: a guide for small foreign exporters.