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Experts worry over weak regional competition laws

Published on October 26, 2015

There are growing worries that even though the East African bloc continues to integrate, the rise of anti-competitive trade habits is bound to make it difficult for other companies to join the region. 

Some countries within the region continue to grapple with coming up with strong competition laws as they try to strike a balance between protecting their indigenous firms and attracting foreign companies.

Ms Tania Begazo, a senior economist, Competition Policy Cluster, Trade and Competitiveness, World Bank Group, argues that opening markets and removing anticompetitive sectoral regulation will safeguard and encourage competition in the East African Community.

“Competition is an ingredient for economic growth. You can’t attract investment if you are not competitive. Tackle cartel agreements that raise the cost of key inputs and final products, and prevent anticompetitive mergers,” she said. She was speaking at the EACOMP regional advocacy workshop organised by CUTS Nairobi with support from TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) in Arusha recently. Read more. Source | Observer