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Expanding Opportunities For Ethiopian Footwear Manufacturers

Published on May 04, 2017

From May 1-5, the Hub conducted a footwear buyer mission to Ethiopia with Mr. Len Pesko, the Principal Partner of Modern Pulse, a company that, among other services, helps major brands worldwide source footwear and master the art of production


The Hub connected with Mr. Pesko at the February 2017 Magic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was introduced to the Ethiopian footwear products on display.  The Hub subsequently extended an invitation for him to come to Ethiopia to meet the factories.

"While I have been following developments in Ethiopian footwear for some time, I figured I really needed to come here to see for myself first-hand the opportunities," said Mr. Pesko.  "I never assume anything.  By seeing this, it's a game changer." 

Ethiopia is the largest footwear exporter to the U.S. under AGOA, and big buyers are taking notice. 

"I am impressed by what I have seen here in Ethiopia... and I am not easily impressed," Mr. Pesko remarked to executives of a leading factory in Addis Ababa.

Engaging with influencers in the footwear industry like Mr. Pesko could open up new sourcing opportunities for Ethiopian footwear. 

Buyers’ missions are one aspect of the Hub's multi-pronged strategy to develop the footwear industry in Ethiopia, and ultimately help the country to realize its place as a truly global player.   

Watch this space for further developments!