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Ethiopia is now the largest coffee market in Africa

Published on September 16, 2016

According to a report by Euromonitor, Ethiopia is now one of the largest coffee markets in Africa with a rough estimate of 127,000 tonnes sold in 2015, which is a quarter of the total volume of coffee sold in the Middle East and Africa. The figure is comparable to those of much wealthier countries like South Korea and Russia.

“Africa is the next frontier” for coffee, says Robério Oliveira Silva, Executive Director of the International Coffee Organization.

Historically, the beans have been a cash crop in Africa but the consumption across the continent has remained low. In countries such as Kenya and Uganda where it is grown, the consumption has remained low due to the preference for tea which, they say, has traditionally been much cheaper. Even though Ethiopia is the poorest of the world’s major coffee-consuming nations, with GDP per capital of just US$599 in 2015, Ethiopians still drink around 200 cups a year. No other country in that income group drinks as much as that. Read more. Source | Ventures