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Ethiopia growth at 10% during past decade

Published on December 02, 2015

Over the last decade (2004-2014), Ethiopia’s real gross domestic product (GDP) growth has averaged 10.9 percent according to a new World Bank report. 

“Ethiopia is in it for the long run as the title of this highly interesting and very useful report suggests.  Our country is in the business of enduring the challenging course of development and breaking new world records just like the famous long distance runners that our country is known for,” Dr. Abraham Tekeste, the Deputy Planning Commissioner, National Planning Commission said last week.

According to the World Bank the country has made remarkable progress in its economic growth exceeding other low income and Sub-Saharan African countries, with real gross domestic product (GDP) growth averaging 10.9 percent in 2004-2014. Ethiopia has moved from the second poorest in the world in 2000 and, if it can keep the current pace, it’s on its way towards becoming a middle income country by 2025. Read more. Source | East African BUsiness Week