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Ethiopia gets world’s first fully sustainable denim plant

Published on October 27, 2015

Ethiopia’s manufacturing economy is on the upswing and now the country is home to the world’s first sustainable denim plant.

Kanoria Africa Textiles launched a state of the art denim fabric making facility near Bishoftu, Ethiopia Saturday with the latest in available technology and a truly zero discharge, closed loop production process.

Gaurav Nehra, the Indian-owned company’s executive for procurement said in explaining why Kanoria chose Ethiopia for its $45 million plant, “I feel Africa is the continent not only for the future, but for the present.”

And the country’s low energy costs were also part of the lure.

Electricity per kilowatt hour in Ethiopia is just $0.05, whereas China’s, for example, can be as much as double. Read more. Source | Sourcing Journal