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Enhancing productivity of small scale farming

Published on July 08, 2016

Agriculture is the main stay of Ethiopia's economy in which small scale farming plays a dominant role. It is a means of employment for almost 85 percent of the population, food supply for the domestic market and is also means of foreign currency earning. Hence, to bring transformation on the nation's economy, improving the quality of the small scale farming should be a priority agenda and so far various measures have been taken to improve the productivity of the sector.

Recently, while paying a working visit to western Gojam in the vicinity of Bure town, the State Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resource Wondrayed Mandefro said that the small scale farming is the backbone of the economy in improving the productivity of the sector. As a result, the government continues its support for the sector. Currently, there are various inputs that have been employed on the sector and among others utilizing fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and selected seeds. With regard to the techniques of planting seeds in row, using irrigation and pre and post harvest work can be mentioned. Read more. Source | Ethiopian Herald


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