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EAVCA Private Equity Case Study Compendium

Published on June 29, 2016

EAVCA_Report.PNGEAVCA Private Equity Case Study Compendium is a publication of the East Africa Venture Capital Association (EAVCA), in partnership with EBS Advisory. The report showcases the positive contribution of private equity to sustainable economic growth and development in the East Africa region. It also demonstrates how private equity investors can enable companies to grow more effectively as partners with a vested interest in the businesses’ growth and success. 

The report further demonstrates how responsible business practices are increasingly seen as part of a commercially successful business, particularly in Africa. It also reveals that private equity, with its comparatively long-term investment horizon and higher acceptance of risk, is a significant investor in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the engine of economic growth and job creation in East African economies, as well as in new, innovative companies and large-scale developments.

The East Africa Trade and Investment Hub is featured in the compendium.