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East Africa’s inflows of foreign direct investment increase by 11%

Published on October 06, 2015

Africa is now positioning itself as a major business opportunity for investors, according to ICAEW’s latest Economic Insight report. 

here aid was the traditional source of finance, the continent is now seeing a dramatic fivefold increase in FDI, with Nairobi topping the list as the most attractive destination. 

ICAEW (the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) launched their Economic Insight: Africa Q3 2015 report in Nairobi last night. The report, commissioned by ICAEW and produced by the Centre for Economics and Business Research Ltd (Cebr), provides a snapshot of the region’s economic performance focusing specifically on Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, South Africa and Angola. Read more. Source | New Vision