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EALA passes two bills to boost trade in East African region

Published on June 11, 2015

The East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) has passed two crucial bills to facilitate free trade among East African Community member states.

The bills will, however, have to be approved by the EAC heads of state before they can become law.

Once they become law, the two pieces of legislation will compel partner states to eliminate barriers that have hindered smooth trade in the region.

One of the laws, Elimination of Non-Tariff Barriers Bill 2015, seeks to establish a mechanism for identifying and monitoring the removal of non-trade barriers within partner states.

Its passage comes against the backdrop of a surge in trade disputes arising from administrative measures deemed to be harmful to free trade in the region.

The other proposed law, East Africa Community (EAC) Co-operative Societies Bill 2014, gives guidelines on the formation of co-operative societies as well as rights and duties of members. It also sets out rules on dispute settlement and dissolution of societies. Read more. Source | Standard Digital