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EAC tipped on how to negotiate trade treaties

Published on October 01, 2015

East African countries should always do impact assessments and look out for rewards in each agreement they negotiate with their partners, trade experts have said.  

Dr Francis Mangeni, the director of Trade Customs and Monetary Affairs, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa), says EAC countries ought to negotiate from a point of strength, stating the performance requirements and sequencing of bargaining conditions.    

“Before you go into these negotiations, you need to prepare and do your homework. This will tell you how to structure your plans,” he said during a regional stakeholder consultative meeting. The workshop was held under the theme of Promoting pro-development investment policies and agreements in the EAC, and was organised by SEATINI Uganda with support from Diakonia, a development organisation. 

A performance requirement refers to things that tell an investor what a country’s priorities are. Sequencing bargaining is a condition where investors are given preferential treatment according to a country’s national laws. Read more. Source | The Obsever