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EAC states’ great expectations of securing stronger trade ties with US

Published on July 20, 2015

East African Community countries have presented a list of issues they hope the United States government will address to expand its trade partnership with the region.

Trade ministers from the five EAC partner states have made a formal request to the US government asking it to relax the stringent measures imposed on their agricultural exports to the US and also review the high tariffs on some agricultural products such as sugar and cotton.

They are in fact seeking removal of tariffs on all agricultural exports from East Africa as well as creation of more quotas, which they say would be consistent with US obligations under the UN Millennium Development Goals and would fulfil a key demand from these countries in the World Trade Organisation.

The economic and international trade officer in Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, James Kiiru, said that the EAC also expects US President Barack Obama, who is visiting Kenya this week for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, to address issues raised earlier “to pave the way for us to utilise the quota-free US market under the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa). Read more. Source | The East African