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EAC gender Bill eases through

Published on February 08, 2016

The East African Gender Equality and Development Bill, 2016 sailed through the First Reading in the East African Legislative Assembly last week writes ELISHA MAYALLAH.

The object of the Bill is to make provision for gender equality, protection and development in the Community.  According to the mover of the Bill, Hon Nancy Abisai, the Partner States undertake in Article 6(d) of the Treaty for the Establishment of the EAC not to discriminate against any person on grounds of gender as one of the cornerstones of good governance.

The Bill in addition spells out the principles of democracy, rule of law, accountability, social justice, equal opportunities as well as in the protection of human and people’s rights.

The Bill accepts that women and men’s contribution in the integration process is fundamental as are the obligations of Partner States to their commitments under the various instruments and Protocols. Read more. East African Business Week