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EAC businesses want first priority

Published on September 11, 2015

Regional manufacturers last week asked that the East Afrian Community (EAC) governments favour them when contracting for goods and services. 

In a set of resolutions and meeting as the First Manufacturing Business Summit, they agreed that public and private procurement is key to creating necessary demand for locally manufactured products as well as promoting technology based business start-ups. 

‘To this end, the government of East Africa Partner States and the private sector are called upon to prioritize in their procurement, the sourcing of locally manufactured products including in agro-food, furniture, motor-vehicles, parts, apparels and footwear. The EAC Secretariat in collaboration with EABC should prepare a regional promotional strategy for the implementation of Buy-East Africa-Build- East Africa scheme (BEABEA)’, a statement reads in part. Read more. Source | East African Businessweek