Case Studies: Driving transaction-based development in East Africa

Published on January 12, 2017


One of the primary activities of the Hub in its mission to 'boost trade and investment with and within East Africa' is accelerating private sector investment into the region by providing a neutral investment facilitation service, at no cost, to investors seeking to deploy capital to East African businesses and to businesses seeking to raise funds. The Hub partners with CrossBoundary LLC, a frontier market transaction advisory firm, to offer this service targeting high-impact sectors of eastern Africa, specifically ICT, agribusiness, financial services, health innovation, and cotton, textile and apparel. In addition, The Hub prioritizes transactions that contribute to employment, regional trade, technology acquisition, and gender inclusion. Its goal is to facilitate $100 million in new investments and create 10,000 jobs by August 2019. Since its launch in 2014 the Hub has facilitated $31 million in new investments in the technology, dairy and financial services sectors across the region.

Two of the transactions the hub's team has facilitated are an investment into Bio Foods, a dairy processing company, in the USD 5 - 10 Million range and one in General Cargo Group, a logistics provider in the USD 6 - 10 Million range. Both transactions involved private equity investors. The team provided valuable support that saw the transactions through to a close.

The Transaction Team’s analysis has covered a very important part of the due diligence, in good detail. For this we did not have the resources to do it ourselves. - Jacco Brink, Founder, TBL (investor in Bio Foods).

[The transaction team's analyisis] gave great insights into the consumer perception on BIO, the company and its products and the main competition which is essential for our business case. It gave many tangible interventions that we can focus on post-investment - Joachim Westerveld, MD, Bio Food Products.

These investments resulted in significant job creation, adoption of new technology and will potentially lead to more regional trade. Read the Bio Foods and General Cargo case studies to learn more.


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