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[THIS OPPORTUNITY IS NOW CLOSED] Driver/Administrative Assistant

Published on December 17, 2015

The Project Driver/Administrative Assistant will maintain all project vehicles and drive project staff to and from meetings, appointments, and all other project-related travel. Overnight regional travel may be required, as directed by the project. The Driver/Administrative Assistant will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following detailed tasks:

• Vehicle maintenance including regular check-ups, cleanings, and fuelling.

• Maintaining an accurate vehicle log.

• Working with Administrative Officer to manage daily vehicle and trip scheduling as needed.

• Maintaining accurate records and paperwork on all vehicle-related purchases and maintenance.

• Providing safe transportation to and from locations for project staff.

• Ensuring compliance with all DAI and local driving laws and regulations.

• Maintain administrative files and office supplies; request additional supplies as needed.

• Regularly audit office inventory and update TAMIS.

• Assist the Administrative Officer as needed.

• Other duties as assigned.

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