USAID Hub participates in launch of CSIS food security report

Published on December 14, 2017

On December 13, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) launched ‘The Human Face of Trade: Lessons on the Enabling Environment from Kenya and India,’ a report that combines field research with concrete policy recommendations to answer such questions as:  How to approach trade regulations in the context of food security and how the United States can support smallholder farmers through its Global Food Security Strategy. The report suggests a bottom-up approach to agricultural policy and regulations to bridge the needs of farmers with the demands of markets.

To further explore the report finding and provide more information from implementers on the ground, CSIS hosted a panel of agriculture experts, including the USAID Hub’s Chief of Party, Juan Estrada-Valle. During the panel, Mr. Estrada made several references to the Hub's work in supporting strategic grain transaction. You can read about the Hub's later intervention in Rwanda here. View profiles of all five panelists here, and download the new report here. You can watch the entire launch of The Human Face of Trade and Food Security here.

From the report: Agricultural markets are more connected and capable of delivering economic opportunity and food security today than ever before. As agricultural markets have evolved, so have the rules and regulations governing agricultural trade and value chains. For smallholder farmers in countries like Kenya and India, this new landscape presents both new opportunities and daunting challenges.  A bottom-up approach to agricultural policy and regulation is necessary to bridge the needs at the farm with the requirements of the market. Read the report here.

USAID Hub activities contribute to increasing the access, availability and utilization of African-grown staple foods in regionally integrated markets. These objectives are aligned with the U.S. Government’s Global Food Security Strategy 2017, which has the following objectives: inclusive and sustainable agricultural-led economic growth; strengthened resilience among people and systems; and a well-nourished population.


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