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Cross border infrastructure plan to stimulate free trade zone: African Union

Published on June 09, 2015

The African Union is looking to the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) to solve transportation problems and infrastructure issues, according to Nadir Fath Elalim from the African Union’s senior political office.

Elalim told Daily News Egypt that one of the African Union’s projects is called “Free Space”, which includes three African airlines connecting the continent and will be achieved in 2022.

“We are trying to address these issues together, and we’re going to reform other kinds of transportation, infrastructure and moving of goods,” Elalim added. “By implementing these kinds of projects, we show we have the plan. We have already outlined the Alexandria-Cape Town Road and the road from Alexandria to Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti.”

In addition to this, a railway has been planned between Zambia and Angola , and one from Dakar to Djibouti as well, Elalim said, highlighting that the infrastructure programme is on the agenda . Read more. Source | Daily News Egypt