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Cotton growers hail new system

Published on June 27, 2016

Point of Service Office (POSO) system has impressed cotton farmers to the extent of creating 23 small scale companies in Kiseke ward, Ilemela District, Mwanza Region.

The system is supported by the government and GODTEC (T) Company limited. Tanzania Cotton Growers Association (TACOGA)’s General Secretary, Mr George Mpanduji, said over the weekend that farmers were satisfied with the system, as a solution to boosting trade and industrial sectors in the country.

He said that through this system that facilitates entrepreneurships it is obvious that will become a solution also to the cotton producers. Mr Mpaduji noted that after cotton farmers have heard about the introduction of small and large companies under GODTEC (T) Company Limited in collaboration with the government through the Ministry of Information, Art, youth, Culture and Sports were impressed. Read more. Source | Daily News