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Common market yet to open up

Published on February 08, 2016

There are still several bottlenecks preventing the East African Common Market becoming a reality.

 “Common market, open space can only be achieved if the environment is open. If we are going to have free flow of goods and services, mutual recognition agreements all the non tariff barriers have to be eliminated,” Stephen Ruzibiza the Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda’s Private Sector Federation (PSF) said last week.

He was speaking during a dialogue organised by the East African Trade and Investment Hub (EATIH) together with PSF in Kigali.

Ruzibiza  said, “This is when we shall say we have a vibrant common market. The private sector here has a role in my opinion” 

The focus was on reviewing the implementation status of the EAC common market and customs union and explore opportunities for stronger private sector participation in rule making, implementation and monitoring of trade facilitation. Read more. Source | East African Business Week