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Comesa moves to harmonise seed movement

Published on March 23, 2015

Comesa member states have moved to promote the sale of certified seeds across borders to help achieve food security.

Last week, the Alliance for Commodity Trade in Eastern and Southern Africa (ACTESA), a Comesa agency, launched the bloc’s seed trade harmonisation regulations to guide trade in seeds and grains among seven member states. 

ACTESA will align country policies and build the infrastructure needed for the success of the project. These activities are slated to begin in April and go on until August.  

“The programme’s objective is to achieve improved functioning of national and regional staple food markets. This will be realised through the outcome of increased regional trade in food, and a greater number of people benefiting from participation in the national and cross-border value chains,” said John Mukuka, a seed expert at ACTESA. Read more. Source | The East African