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Clay Ventures Limited

Published on January 20, 2017

clay.JPGClay Ventures or CL, as it is now fondly known, opened its doors in 2014. Conceived by a couple of interior décor designers and furniture makers, CL sought to fill a rise in demand for African contemporary handcrafted products among the middle class populations in developed and developing economies. CL began by looking at few traditional Kenyan pottery, weaving and curved art ranging from baskets, pots, flower vases, utensils, abstract carvings from wood and soapstone from across Kenya sourcing from different cultures. CL has been keen in developing an export market for its craftspeople by travelling to different parts of the world showcasing the beauty of African pottery and carving among other arts Africa has to offer to the modern world. CL has now expanded in many other products that one would need for their homes and offices made from clay, soapstone, wood, glass, leather and fabric. One of our goals at CL today is to encourage and educate young people to support Kenyan arts and crafts.