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Budgetary constraints impede Africa’s agricultural development

Published on February 15, 2016

Despite the fact that all 54 states making the African Union had inked the Malabo Declaration on Agricultural Development on the continent, only eight countries have so far executed its bedrock requirement of pumping at least 10 per cent of their respective public expenditures into the sector.

“It is rather strange that, in almost all African countries, agriculture employs more than 80 per cent of their population, yet when it comes to budgeting, the sector only gets peanuts,” stated Mr Christophe Bazivambo, the Chairperson of the East African Legislative Assembly’s Committee on Agriculture, Tourism and Natural Resources.

“Out of the five East African states for instance, it is only Rwanda which has managed to reach the 10 per cent figure on its budgetary allocation to the country’s Agriculture sector,” he said, adding that the rest were far below to deserve mention while Tanzania was struggling at 7 per cent mark. Read more. Source | Daily News