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Bringing SMEs onto the e-Commerce Highway

Published on December 06, 2016

Capture4.PNGBringing SMEs onto the e-Commerce Highway is a publication of the International Trade Centre (ITC). The report provides practical guidance on how to ensure that the opportunities posed by e-commerce are accessible to SMEs, especially those in developing countries.

It also identifies the bottlenecks and requirements of e-commerce participation, and presents examples of best practices in regulating cross-border e-commerce.

The publication further details competitiveness issues in each segment of the cross-border e-commerce process chain, and provides a checklist of the essential ingredients for SME success in cross-border e-commerce. Finally, it reviews the global cross-border e-commerce, and offers a deeper analysis of selected economies.

It serves as a starting point for a public private dialogue on e-commerce, especially on SMEs in developing countries.