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Boost social amenities to elevate agriculture

Published on June 07, 2017

Agriculture is the backbone of Tanzania’s economy, we are often reminded. Yet, it contributes only 30 per cent to the GDP, while providing jobs to 67 per cent the country’s people of employable age.

With high rate of rural-urban migration, the number of young in our towns is much higher that the available jobs. It is like our young move to towns to escape from farming and livestock keeping. Climate change has resulted in poor rain and soil infertility and our youth notice that little is achievable by engaging in agriculture.

They cannot see themselves leading good life from tilling the land. Negative attitudes towards agriculture can be reversed if more money is pumped into the sector. That is why we applaud the African Development Bank’s Sh209.5 billion support to Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB). Read more. Source | The Citizen