Biddemu Bazil Mwotta

Published on June 06, 2017

Basil_Mwotta.jpgBiddemu Bazil Mwotta was among the top 25 innovators in the East Africa Postharvest Technology Competition 2017.

Technology : MOBFIT

Mobfit uses basic SMS technology to enhance community based aggregate production by irish potato farmers. Groups of farmers on our platform in proximal geo-locations receive market based demand data driven SMS information advising them on how much to plant, are coordinated to plant at the same time and thereafter harvest together. At harvest each group collects all their produce at a central point making it cost-effective for MOBFIT to transport it in bulk to the market. This eliminates the need for each farmer to transport their produce independently, a practice that increases cost and reduces profit in agriculture.

 Impact : Developed in 2016, our solution reduces the clientele marketing cost by 85%, enhances their bargaining power and broadens their market. Case study: Nassanga is a 20 year old single mother in Katiiti Village with a 2 acre farm from which she accrues money for her livelihood and supports her child. Her average monthly income is USD 15. After harvesting her crops, she travels 20km spending about USD 2 to Buwama market uncertain of finding customers. Over 20M farmers face this same marketing dilemma affecting their profitability and progress. Today Nassanga simply receives a text informing her on when to harvest and to take her produce to St. Daniels, a secondary school close to her garden that serves as our collection point for her village. 23 other farmers close to her receive the same message and after aggregating their total produce, it is cheaper to contract a third party transporter to take the bulk to our customers. Nassanga and her group are paid immediately and their monthly income has increased to USD 35. MOBFIT has reduced the duping of farmers by middle men. It has brought the market closer to rural based farmers as well as made the purchase of farm produce easier for the people in Uganda.



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