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Better agriculture policies in the EAC

Published on June 02, 2015

Uganda’s Minister in charge of East African Community Affairs   Shem Bageine  in his  speech read  by the Commissioner of production and Social services in the Ministry of East African Affairs  Ronah Sserwada  during the East African Community  Agriculture  Budget Summit held at Entebbe  said   that it’s the responsibilities  of the Governments in the community  to guarantee the thrives of Agriculture sector in the Five member states of EAC.

“Member states should create a conducive, policy, Legal and program frame work that supports the growth and expansion of Agriculture sector where the major stake holders are small farmers who need much support from their Governments” the minister said. 

The Minister noted that the Agriculture sector contributes much in the regional Economies but because of the lack of pro - small farmer’s policies the sectors contribution in the regional Gross Domestic products is declining For stance the Minister said that the Contribution of Agriculture sector in the Economy of Burundi has decline by 34%, Kenya 29% Rwanda 32% Tanzania 25% and Uganda at 23%. Read more. Source | East African Business Council