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Aspen Institute Diaspora Investment Alliance wins diversity and inclusion award

Published on December 09, 2015

The Hub would like to congratulate its partner the Aspen Institute's Diaspora Investment Alliance (DIA) on their award for diversity and inclusion. 

We are proud of DIA and this prestigious recognition and look forward to our continued engagement with them, said Hub Director of Investment Kanini Mutooni.

The 2015 Diversity and Inclusion (DANDI) Award (International Category) recognizes individuals, groups, and organizations with exemplary commitment to and focus on diversity and inclusion. Here's what DIA Senior Associate Stephan Benjamin had to say after the announcement:


In a globalized and interconnected world, diaspora communities have taken on new meaning and significance in the economic development of their countries of origin. Beyond remittances, diasporas may invest in local economies and transfer human capital and skillsets back home...

DIA takes the mission of the Aspen Institute, to promote values-based leadership, and applies it to diaspora impact investments and strategic philanthropy in countries of origin. We aim to build a community of diaspora investors, mentors, and social investors to amplify the social and financial impact of diaspora investment...

Although we were fortunate to win, there is much work to be done to enable diaspora communities to magnify their impact on countries of origin.

Read the full statement on the Aspen Institute blog.

The Hub recently joined forces with DIA and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) to hold a workshop in Boston to enlighten East African diaspora on the opportunities for investment back home. We look forward to continuing to work closely with their team to enhance diaspora investment in East Africa.