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Are Detergents eligible Products for Export to the U.S.?

Published on February 08, 2017

Are detergents an eligible product for export to the U.S?,

  1. If detergents are eligible, what is required to be able to export detergents to the U.S?
  2. Does AGOA provide a platform for suppliers to be able to advertise their products?
  3. What certifications if any are required to be able to export to the U.S. Any other information you can supply to us will be highly appreciated. 


Yes. Detergents are eligible for export to the U.S. under the HS Code 3401. Please visit  for details.For more information on product eligibility, please visit

You can also visit to understand more about the Hub's work on AGOA .Also visit for information about what every member of the trade community should know about AGOA.

Finally, read through this trifold which has a section on the general steps to follow when exporting to the U.S. under AGOA. For country specific export guidelines please visit