Are banana and soy AGOA eligible?

Published on April 12, 2016

Banana & Soy Flour: United Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd, C/O KIRDI Incubation Center, Kisii ATC is an SME processing banana and soy bean flour used in bakeries, hotels and food industries providing 61% potassium and protein respectively to the human body. We have over 50,000 smallholder farmers growing bananas and about 20,000 soy for livelihoods.

Please let us know if banana & soy flour is eligible in AGOA market?


Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Banana & soy flour USA market eligibility. I advise that both Banana & soy flour are eligible to enter USA market duty free. The Banana flour can enter duty free under General System of Preference (GSP) and the Soy flour under AGOA.  The Sub-Saharan African beneficiary countries are also exempted from competitive need limitations which cap the GSP benefits available to beneficiaries in other regions. However product  eligibility does not mean that a product can be exported to USA, the product must be competitive in terms of price, quality ,quantity and speed to market.

On the Soy flour, it might be very hard to export this into USA market. This is because there are large scale suppliers from countries that are near the USA territory.  But if one can target speciality foods segment of the market through organic, fair trade and other related certifications there might be a chance in the Niche market segment.

On banana flour; the unripened banana dried and milled into flour is still a novel concept to USA consumers. Nevertheless because of its gluten free nature, its ability to mimic the wheat flour effects remarkably well, high none grain starch and nutritive value, makes it a specialty food due to the perceived health benefits. Thus it may have potential in the USA market, but  I would like to emphasize that the product must be competitive, meet  buyers and USA market  (FDA)  food certification requirements.

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