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Antonio Innocent Mudong’i

Published on June 06, 2017

Antonio_Innocent_Mudongi.jpgAntonio Innocent Mudong’i was among the top 25 innovators in the East Africa Postharvest Technology Competition 2017.

Technology : Moist Air Perishable Food Crop Commodity Store.

This is a mud-walled, grass thatched store that is set below ground level. It relies on soil cooling properties (through radiation). The base has an air inlet. The floor and shelves are made of galvanized wire mesh allowing the free flow of cold moist air and provision of a chilly environment. The technology mainly addresses storage.

Impact : The technology elongates the product shelf life of fresh produce. Since its inception, the Moist Air Perishable Food Crop Commodity Store technology has benefited more than 30 horticultural farmers and traders in Kitale and Juja regions of Kenya. We have three functional stores so far. The store can preserve 67kgs of tomatoes, 50kgs of avocadoes, 90kgs of bananas, 20kgs of cabbage and 30kgs of kales per square meter for 4-20 days.

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