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Heshima Kenya markets new "Angie" Shibori-made scarf following Angelina Jolie visit

Published on August 23, 2017

Heshima Kenya has a new hot-selling item following a visit by UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie in honor of World Refugee Day (August 2). The scarf is a duplicate of the style that Heshima gifted to Jolie during her visit. (See photo of Jolie wearing the Shibori-made scarf as she dances with the refugees turned craftswomen of Heshima). 

The Shibori-style scarf is the direct outcome of a Shibori Tye and Dye Technique workshop that the Hub conducted for the women of Heshima and East African artisans last May. The goal of the workshop was to provide East African artisans, including Heshima women, with a specialized skill and product that would appeal to the export market. With Jolie's visit and modeling, the Shibori-style scarf can only gain in popularity. 

Find out more about Heshima here: Safe House and here: Girls' Empowerment Project. You can read about Jolie's visit here and buy the "Angie scarf" here.

Read more about the Hub's Shibori workshop initiative here.